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Welcome to my life.

It happened. A doughnut cheeseburger complete with bacon. 😳


Tomorrow I’m grabbing one my favorite humans (aka my sister) and we’re heading to San Francisco’s most rad music festival, Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park. The first question we asked ourselves - aside from which band are we going to see first (TOM PETTY, DUH.) was what the hell are we going to wear?? 

So the above ensemble popped into my mind, considering San Francisco’s funky and unpredictable weather - layers, long sleeves, hats, and boots will be our best amigos tomorrow. 

To answer the first question of not only which bands we want to see first, but are most excited for - Tom Petty takes the cake. And I know what you’re thinking, no we’re not 50 year olds trapped in a 20-something’s body…our parents just raised us on good music.

We’re also stoked for the three chick band (who also all happen to be sisters) Haim. #Girlpower Oh and did I mention that there’s a Chocoland? Yeah, that’s happening. 

Sunday mornin’s are my absolute favorite. Throw on some jams, drink a cup of joe, and catch up on whatever I missed over the week. Ah, Perfection. 


My favorite surfing duo JP and Mat MacDonell are back at it again - this time around with a new & improved version of The BagTowel, a Kickstarter Campaign, and even more talent added to their team, with the help of their friend Eric Locko.

Just when you think The BagTowel can’t get any better (I mean, lets face it, it’s already pretty genius to begin with) the boys of Urban Barrels have totally up’d their game and have taken their passion for community and all things surf by reintroducing the BagTowel.

After the soft launch of their BagTowel and the initial success from it, they got inspired to take it to the next level by launching a Kickstarter campaign (check it out here!) to help further their success and to continue to spread the barreled lifestyle.


The BagTowel has new design features of an accent pocket that uses repurposed sailboat sails, that’s also used as a waterproof inlay - helping keep your wet gear separate from your dry gear. Thus creating every surfer and beach goers dream bag. #Swoon ”Each sail has an incredible story of where it has been and who it once pushed from adventure to adventure. We immediately got excited about the opportunity to extend the life of these sails on our products.”


What started out as just a photo blog between two brothers and friends, has now fully launched itself into a lifestyle brand that helps connect others to the ocean and adventure. I encourage you to pass on the barrel to your family and friends by supporting Urban Barrels and the zest they share for life, surf, and adventure…because there’s really no telling where your bag towel might lead you. The possibilities are endless.

Grab your Urban Barrels BagTowel now on Kickstarter and go get barreled amigos. 

Follow @Urbanbarrels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Kickstarter, YouTube and share your barrels!

I realized that my blog had been deprived of some TLC over the last couple months. (insert embarrassed emoji face here) With the start of a new job, apartment hunting in the city, and other summer shenanigans…I guess I’ve gotten a little preoccupied. However, the above photos can pretty much sum up the last couple months. 

Between enjoying the summer sunshine, (I’m starting to accumulate all kinds of awkward tan lines, but I’m not complaining!) exploring my city by the bay, overdosing on BBQ shindigs, and of course spending these three glorious months with good company - time has been flyin’ by. 

So with that said, I vow to spend a little extra time devoted to this hodge-podge of happiness, in hopes that it might spread a little happiness to others too. Or at the very least help crack a smile or two. 

A while back, I got the chance to break in my Urban Barrels Bag Towel (Peep the post here!) Today, these snapshots from that glorious day made their way into my inbox only to remind me that a day spent soaking up the sunshine and hangin’ in the ocean (whether you’re a kook or big kahuna) is never a day wasted - Especially when in the likes of good company. 

Considering International Surfing Day 2014 is just a week away, I think it’s about time you got yourself barreled, am I right?

Saturday Mornings. 


I was going through my sunglass collection the other day and realized it’s finally time for a trusty new pair…because let’s face it, a girl can never have enough of two things in life. One, being time spent at the beach and two, being an endless selection of colorful sunnies. 

Check out some pairs I’ve had my eyes on. (pun, totally intended)

Pink Mirrored Sunnies

Charlotte Rose Cut Out Sunnies 

Feathered Aviators

Karen Walker Anytime Sunnies

Mod Indie Block Sunnies