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Keep calm and surf on, amigos. 


Roxy has outdone themselves yet again, with another collection that pretty much makes my heart go pitter patter with excitement. Their new Pop Surf collection for Spring looks effortlessly fun and funky with pieces that easily transition from water to sand. Not to mention the genius palm tree prints that can be mixed and matched to perfection with Roxy’s neon colored separates. 

This collection is a fashionista surfer girl’s dream. 

Some of my favorites:

Tiki Tri Bikini Top in Black 

Sunset Pant Leggings

Sunset Remix Long Sleeve Top

Surf Essentials Scooter Bikini Bottoms

Bali Tide Bikini


Sometimes you have one of those days where you just can’t shake the funk. Today’s been one of those days, so instead of lettin’ it get me down, I’ve come to the awesome conclusion of when in doubt, beach it out. Because the beach makes me happy, sandy, and smiley…it’s as simple as that.

But in the chance you can’t make it to the beach, light a coconut candle, throw on some beach jams, and look at these happy little gems here, here, here, oh and here too. 

Courtesy of the talented Bouffants & Broken Hearts.

Spent an afternoon enjoying the sunshine outside. (I know I keep going on about the weather lately, but it’s been unreal) I love any day where I can throw on a casual tank and my favorite pair of flared Joe’s denim. Also - I’ve been known to find any occasion where I can throw on a floppy sun hat. This ensemble is what I’d like to call casual happy. 

Side note, please excuse my backyard, it’s slowly morphing into a mini jungle…but hey, it made for some cool photos. 

Psst! Love graphic tanks as much as me? Shop similar styles here


There are so many things to be thankful for. 1. There will be a new human making its arrival into my life in the next couple weeks - Niece or Nephew, I can’t wait to meet you and may you be prepared for an abundance of hugs & kisses. 2. This amazing Summer-like weather in the middle of March, that has allowed me to indulge in the outdoors. 3. My job, for allowing me to do what I absolutely love, which is basically to fawn over cute clothes. 

Oh also, happy first day of Spring. May you bloom wherever you are planted at the moment. 

The weather’s been incredible the last two weeks - I mean, it’s been 75 degrees in March. California, you are too good to us. With the constant sunshine, here are a few things I’m currently craving (aka drooling over)…

1. Dream Monster Neoprene Swim Set - Come. To. Mama. 

2. T by Alexander Wang - Mr. Wang, you’ve outdone yourself.

3. Tropical Aviators - Because who doesn’t want a pair of colorful aviators?

4. Fringetastic Duffle Bag - There’s no such thing as too much fringe. 

5. Puma Slide Digital Watch - Simple, cute, and functional. What’s not to like?

6. Starfish Ring - Anytime I can sport a sea creature in jewelry form, I’m game. 

7. Kenzo Neoprene Sandals - In a dream world, these would be my everyday shoes. 

8. Bumble & Bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner -  A post surf treat for your sandy locks.

9. Elizabeth Arden Coral Vibrations Lipstick - The color literally looks good on anyone. 

I feel like sometimes the Canadian Tuxedo gets a bad rap, when it’s actually one of my favorite go-to ensembles (but that could really just be because I like to say the phrase ‘Canadian Tuxedo’) All joking aside, my denim shirt gets a lot of play in my wardrobe, so much so, I’m surprised I haven’t worn a hole in it! 

Psst…not sure what a Canadian Tuxedo is? Here’s a good example and a not so good example

Denim on denim, rules. 


It’s a bag! It’s a towel! No, wait - It’s a Bag Towel! Remember a couple months ago when I got the chance to hang with Urban Barrels founders JP and Mat MacDonell (you can peep the interview here!) when we first met up, they were in the process of launching their Bag Towels…well the big moment is finally here and The Bag Towel by Urban Barrels is officially a go! 


This past week, the perfect opportunity arose to break in my Bag Towel, with who other than JP and doing what else - surfing. I was lucky enough to have a surf sesh with JP, where he taught me the ins & outs of dealing with the ocean, all while helping me try and catch some waves. (He did most of the work, while I just went along for the ride aka - wipeouts)

After peeling myself out of my wetsuit, I reached for my Bag Towel to dry off. This thing is pure genius, it’s super convenient and is easily becoming one of my favorite things. The front pocket is the perfect size for storing your post surf essentials. The towel easily folds back into the bag, pull the drawstring, throw it on your back and you’re on your way. Simple, easy, and practical, whether you’re a surfer or frequent beach-goer. 

These two brothers truly have a passion and love for the ocean and surfing which can not only be seen through Urban Barrels products, but with their philosophy of always ‘staying barreled’ and how they share it, constantly inspiring others to do the same. 


Share your barrels with them on Instagram #AlwaysBarreled and show them some love on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t scoped them out yet, you’re truly missing out…go get barreled!